Cork, Glorious Cork

We’ve heard so many outstanding things about the food in Cork that we eagerly entered the city, anticipating greatness.  We knew that if the proud people we had met in other parts of Ireland spoke so highly of this area, we were in for a treat. Thus far, we had not been even remotely disappointed.

Lucky for us, we had the pleasure of staying with our friend Cormac and his family in Cork City. We were greeted with wine, a beautiful meal, great conversation, and soft warm beds tucked within the rooms of their beautiful old estate. Oh, and we were also greeted by the Bonars’ dog, Twiggy. Sarah immediately embraced the little Bichon Frise while Nic realized she was falling in love with her first “little dog”. We agreed Twiggy deserves a mini gallery, so please indulge.

Thank you. Now back to Cork…

The next day, we set off for the famed Cork English Market. Upon arrival, it lit us up from inside. What a feast for the eyes! Upon further research, we learned it’s one of the oldest of its kind, trading as a market since 1788.This pre-dates it from most other markets of its kind (including Barcelona’s famed Boqueria Market).

Cormac, and his brother Maurice, took us immediately to O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage Company where we fell upon fresh pork sausages wrapped in chewy baguettes with caramelized onions, which we promptly inhaled. With bellies full, we were ready to explore. After getting the lay of the land, we headed off in opposite directions to collect supplies for our visit to Sheep’s Head. Sarah covered On the Pig’s Back and delighted herself with tastes of several Gubbeen sausages. Nic made a beeline for the wine shop, and then hit the cheese counter to sample some beautiful local cheeses from the beautiful French cheesemonger.

The English Market is located in the heart of Cork City, as it has been for hundreds of years and is open 6 days a week.  It was easy to load up on provisions for our stay in Sheep’s Head Peninsula. We knew we would eat well.

Before we headed off, we spent one more night in Cork with a visit to the Hi-B (Hibernian), one of Sarah’s cousin’s favorite pubs & a hidden gem known only to locals. Cormac and Maurice knew exactly where this Cork institution was located, so, with mobiles safely tucked out of site (grounds for dismissal!), we entered the tiny pub at the top of the stairs. A few Guinness’ in, we were knee deep in good political conversation into the wee hours.

The following morning, we loaded up the car with Cormac in tow, and headed out to Sheep’s Head. This is the smallest and least visited finger off West Cork’s shores. Just from hearing about it from the Bonar family, we couldn’t wait! We were not disappointed.


2 Responses to Cork, Glorious Cork

  1. Lynette says:

    This is my absolute favorite post y’all have done. My goodness, the things you seen, smelled and tasted! Wow!

  2. Alain&Joanne says:

    the dog is cute, so is the food, so is the guy that serves the food and let’s not forget, so are the two girls enjoying the old country….have fun and keep making the best of your trip….


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