To Market To Market

After our meal in the Croft, we weren’t sure how it could get much better. The next morning, still smiling dreamily about the delicious meal, we packed up the room, bid farewell to our charming innkeepers and meandered down to the Quay where an enormous Slow Food market was waking up.

Lucky for us, we arrived early, before the massive crowds and rain appeared. For breakfast we enjoyed piping hot crepes. Filled with local goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, arugula and Sarah opted for the addition of bacon…surprise!

While sitting in the morning sunshine, it was fun to watch the different farmers and crafters set up their booths. We noticed we were right next to the elusive Sheridan’s Cheesemongers tent and had to pay a visit. Sarah was introduced to her new favorite beverage (next to Guinness, of course), a Luscombe Elderflower Soda. Nic spotted, or more accurately, smelled her way over to a fantastic Indian spice booth called Green Saffron. We both loaded up on fat packets of spices, including attached recipes and complimentary reusable bags.

As things picked up, we meandered around tasting beautiful cheeses, and pates, testing local soaps and lotions and snapping photos of everything.

After a delicious lunch of Lebanese food, we headed down to the end of the quay for our Dublin Ale and Cheese tasting session.

But more on this later :)


2 Responses to To Market To Market

  1. Alain&Joanne says:

    yup, definitly, u having a good time…

    Hey, from Montreal, Can

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