How Did I Get Here?


Living in the Pacific Northwest for my entire life, I  found my niche in the rich diversity of local cuisine, beautiful scenery and passion for reconnecting with the homesteading grace of my great grandmothers.  After receiving my Organic Gardening Certification from Oregon State University in 2010, I discovered the complex beauty of a simple beet and have grand visions of the lush edible landscape that will one day be my own. When not at home tending to my small urban farm, I wander the world, in search of just one more unimaginable delight.

Now I head out for my next great adventure, A Master in Food Culture, Sustainability and Human Ecology at the University of Gastronomic Science in Polenzo, Italy.


7 Responses to How Did I Get Here?

  1. Rachel says:

    I love to hear about all your travels doll…. Would love to get together Nic when your in Chicago.xoxoxo

  2. Kathleen & Matt Eussen says:

    Makes we want to go to Ireland. Who would have thought the Irish has good food!

    Your pictures are outstanding, you have a photographer’s eye. Makes me feel as if I am right there (Kathleen).

    Your writing enhances the adventure.

  3. Elizabeth Walsh says:


    What a treat to hear of your adventures and see the beautiful landscape of Ireland. We are so happy you decided to keep a blog of your travels and tastings. And little did we know you had also become a certified Organic Gardener. Your parents are both smiling down on you with great pride and joy, knowing you are happy, doing some traveling and enjoying life!
    We, too, want to pack our bags and see more of the Irish countryside. Great photography throughout the blog. Loved it all.
    Keep up your writing and thanks again for sharing your wonderful trip with us.
    Love, Elizabeth & David

  4. Rebecca says:

    I am always searching for good photos of Ireland to use on our webpage: We are a small tour operator that specializes in travel to Ireland. I can easliy click and save the photos from your blog, but I want to do the right thing and ask permission. So what do you think? Can I use some of your photos for our website? I especially like the Cork market, and one of the cheese photos, and the stained glass claddagh. Kind regards, Rebecca, of Destinations Ireland & Beyond

  5. Rebecca says:

    We don’t really have a space on the website for credits. But I’ll see if I can create one. Thank you!

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