We Made It!

We made it! Arrived safely in Dublin on Thursday to beautiful fall weather. We jumped into a taxi, and enjoyed the city sights as well our charming taxi driver. After dumping our bags at the hotel, we  headed out to explore the city. First stop, St. Stephen’s Green. We were so taken by this beautifully kept park in the middle of town that we had to stop through a second time (more on that later). Off to Grafton Street we went in search of an ATM, lipstick for Nic, toothbrush for Sarah, and something to eat. Grafton Street is a charming pedestrian-only stretch of road loaded with shops, restaurants, buskers, street artists, you get the picture. Once we picked up the necessities, Sarah spied the perfect spot for our first meal; Bewley’s Cafe. We scored a perfect people-watching table on the upper level  as we munched down goat cheese, rocket & tomato relish on bap.

After our tasty meal, we meandered through the streets until we hit “the wall”. You know that wall where all you can imagine doing is closing your eyes in a perfectly horizontal position? We successfully found our way back to St. Stephen’s Green, located the perfect napping tree and promptly passed out for 4 hours, only waking to rotate around the tree in search of the sunshine. Best nap ever!

After waking up we headed back to the hotel, and off to dinner at the Bleeding Horse Pub (where did that name come from?), which is connected to our hotel. This place was just perfect. Filled with woody nooks and cozy crannys, we found the perfect spot near a window and settled into our fish and chips washed down by Harp…perfect.

Off to bed. 8pm for our jet-lagged bums.

15 hours later we awoke feeling a bit discombobulated yet incredibly refreshed and ready to take on our first full day in Ireland. A message from our old friend, Cormac, informed us he was in Dublin for the weekend and to call him. How exciting! Off we went to meet him in Temple Square and breakfast/lunch at Cafe Irie…of course.

Nic dug into a traditional Irish Breakfast, aka heart attack on a plate, of beans, mushrooms, eggs, back bacon, bangers, toast and relish…wow! Little did we know that this hearty meal would be our last for about 11 hours.

Thanks to Cormac, we easily navigated the streets toward Trinity College and the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells was beautiful, but what took our breath away was the Long Room, a library full of ancient books that rose 3 stories up to a vaulted barrel ceiling. It was truly breathtaking. Upon exit, we sat out on the sunshine-flecked green to discuss our next move. With that, we set out to visit the Oscar Wilde statue in the park.

What next? Cormac informed us of a Caravaggio exhibit at the National Gallery of Ireland, a short walk away. The highlight of this was a Bryan Ferry sighting. Cool!!! Next up, the DART to Killiney to meet Cormac’s brother, brother-in-law, and assorted friends. Difficult to put this beauty into words. We think the photos speak volumes. Here are a few to whet your whistle.

We capped the night off with a great Indian meal and beers with a lovely group of gents, it was grand.


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